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Understanding Maskers

- December 25, 2020Yesterday I had a brief telephone conversation with a dear aunt. At 84 years old, she is spending her Christmas isolated in a spotless assisted living facility. Her family is not allowed in to see her. All she really has to stay in the contact with the outside world is her television. Inevitably, our conversation drifted to the Coronovirus and its impact on our family.“Wha...  READ MORE
Mandatory Masks
A Message to Maskers
Do you believe nomaskers are a threat? If so, read on...

It’s not your fault. You care about the health of your family and friends. You want to be safe and secure. The virus is real, and people you know have died from it. We have to make tough decisions and work together to bring the Coronovirus crisis under control.Your governors and your mayors have have joined in agreement: wearing masks will help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, and may ...  READ MORE
Mandatory Masks
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