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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf)
Post Date: 07/26/2020

Do you believe nomaskers are a threat? If so, read on...

It’s not your fault. You care about the health of your family and friends. You want to be safe and secure. The virus is real, and people you know have died from it. We have to make tough decisions and work together to bring the Coronovirus crisis under control.

Your governors and your mayors have have joined in agreement: wearing masks will help reduce the spread of the deadly virus, and may have even invoked emergency powers authorized to them by your state constitutions. With a somber voice, they paint a picture of what you fear the most: the loss of control over your health and your job because of an unseen enemy which does not discriminate. If we ignore it, there will be even more horrible, global consequences.

One has to be living in a cave not to get it: we all need to wear masks. And – tough as it may be for some – we need to enforce it. If you won’t wear a mask for yourself, wear it for the sake of others. The doctors agree, the studies agree and it’s common sense: just put on the damned mask.

We get it.

We are asking you, if you are able, to contemplate just four facts. These are facts based upon abundant, readily-available evidence:

1. Your governors and your mayors do not have “settled science” on their side. There is no unanimity among virologists and etymologists that masks (especially cloth masks) are effective reducing the spread of any virus.

2. Masks can actually harm the wearer. Wearers suffering from cancer and cancer treatment, respiratory disorders such as COPD, chronic asthma,  cystic fibrosis, bronchitis and emphysema do not always carry around respirators. Wearers with neurological disorders, such as Meniere’s disease, cannot wear a mask for a walk through a store without having a vertigo attack. Some people have panic attacks if they are forced to wear a mask.

3. To an informed person, then, the wearing of a mask is not about about the spread of a virus. The wearing of a mask has come to represent the wearer's willingness to comply to, without question, a narrative that – in this case – falls outside the bounds of good science and common sense.

4. Mask mandates are unenforceable and harmful for business. Governors and mayors have engaged in executive over-reach, and, all over the United States, there is push-back from the attorney generals, prosecutors, sheriffs and police. There are numerous related lawsuits, with many more to come. The fallout from mandates will be upon small business, which have neither the money or the resources to enforce the wearing of masks. It is not the job of the police to place fliers on windshields, or to stop motorists at intersections to “educate” them. The state and local health departments have no direct enforcing process in place, but are starting to implement a means to report “violators” online and over the phone, further damaging small businesses at a time when many have already been forced to close.

Our Challenge

We are asking you: do not assume nomaskers are violent or lack mental/cognitive ability. These are likely normal, peaceable people that don’t want a confrontation any more than you do.

We are asking you: do not assume that your local businesses are breaking the law by not requiring their customers to wear masks. They have work to do. They have to stock shelves, unload trucks, work registers, hire and fire and handle the books. They don’t have the time, the means, or the will to make their customers do things they don’t want to do, in order to do business with them. They are caught in the middle, and are struggling to survive.

Finally, we are asking you to consider that it may be YOU who is being selfish and ignorant in assuming a nomasker is a threat to you, your family and your community.

Review the evidence. We have, and we hope you do as well.


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