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Fauci, Skippy and Aussie Head Bagging

Fielden R. Nolan 0 Comments 03/16/2021  

Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf)
Post Date: 03/16/2021

Podcast Agenda: Episode 3

(Podcast can be heard here)

- March 12, 2021

Hello everyone, and welcome to another NOMASKERS podcast! My name is Fielden R. Nolan, and I’m privileged to be your host. Today is Friday, March 12, 2021, and this is Episode 3: Fauci, Skippy and Aussie Head Bagging.

For this and subsequent solo podcasts, we begin a format facilitating more frequent, shorter and timely broadcasts which NOMASKERS listeners can reliably anticipate. Since so much of the material that needs to be addressed can be grim, I'd like to lighten things up a little bit. I will try to keep podcast time to less than 45 minutes, and there will be an accompanying blog on NOMASKERS.ORG serving as a transcript with all the links. Every week seems to have important and revealing trends. Think Covid College. Here's the format:

  • Fauci's Wheel of Science

    • A topical selection of psuedoscience (some outrageous) from the lips of “America's Foremost Immunologist”, Anthony Fauci.

  • NOMASKERS News Roundup

    • Mask science and mandates

    • Lockdown science and mandates

    • Vaccine science, safety, and compliance

    • NOMASKERS Hero of the Day, where we take note of those who most deservedly push back against the COVID crazies and stand their ground.

    • NOMASKERS Loser of the Day, where we take note of a person behind particulary egregious, irrational law, mandate or statement.

  • Karens and Social Justice Warrior Call-ins

    • More than one particularly obnoxious listener has gotten hold of my number and is leaving a boatload of woke, leftist, activist voice mails that are just begging for our attention.

Fauci's Wheel of Science

So let's begin by giving Fauci's Wheel of Science a spin!

[FauciWheelSpin] “Wear a mask” [Clapping]

In late February 2020, just over a year ago, Dr. Anthony Fauci said there was no need to change our behavior. It was safe to go to the movies and gym. In March of 2020, in a 60 Minutes interview, he discouraged the use of masks.


By the fall of 2020, he was firmly pro-mask, and encouraged everyone to stay away from the movies and the gym. By early Spring of 2021, Fauci was requesting we all wear two masks – at the same time – and that we may be wearing masks into 2022.

As you know, in the space of a year, we went from very few wearing a mask, to double-masking and hard lockdowns, with movies and gyms shuttered. If this acclaimed scientist changed his mind in just a few months about something as substantive as how SARS viral pathogens are spread, did the actual science change that fast as well?

The answer is no. Fauci himself was quoted to say:

“You can't rush the science, but when the science points you in the right direction, then you can start rushing.”

Of course, that statement doesn't even make sense. We can agree that science indeed can move slowly, but Fauci apparently felt compelled to start rushing. He presumes that “science” pointed him in the direction of double-masking and lockdowns. We were being told that the “science is in” when it is not yet in, but yet is still giving pointers. This is a head-scratcher. Clearly, “America's Foremost Immunologist” is making it up as he goes along.

Formal peer-reviewed studies, using monitored control groups, go back decades. It has been long-held by doctors and scientists that there is no evidence that using masks (especially cloth masks) help in reducing viral spread. That was our understanding. And, that's what Fauci originally told us. So, in the course of a few weeks, what “science” was pointing Fauci to a different direction? What changed?


Don't miss this: you will not find ONE formal, peer-reviewed study - using control groups and an SOP - published in ANY recognized medical journal in recent months which would challenge long-held assertions that masks (especially cloth masks) are effective against viral spread. So, clearly, it isn't science that Fauci is appealing to.

What Fauci is appealing to in changing his direction are likely studies published by the Centers of Disease Control (CDC), which – wait for it - tracked the activities of two hair sylists!

Other studies referenced by the CDC: 124 Beijing households, a self-contradictory Thailand study, an outbreak on the USS Theodore Roosevelt where a control group was impossible, and an investigation of aircraft passengers aboard flights longer than 10 hours (which has since been refuted by the Department of Defense).

  • These were all mechanistic studies which do not conform to rigorous, established research protocol in order to reach substantive, unambiguous results.

  • These were studies that drew conclusions based on the results of PCR tests, which notoriously yield inaccurate results.

  • These were studies conducted with different kinds of masks among the target groups

  • These were studies that used little (if any) monitoring of mask enforcement of the participants.

  • These were studies that themselves cannot undo 40 or 50 years of existing ones

When asked what changed his mind about masks, Fauci pulled an old chestnut of a stunt: “In the context of the time in which I said it, it was correct.” He tried to explain that what he really meant in that 60 minutes interview was that masks were effective, but they were (at the time) hard to procure. Being the gracious and compassionate person he is, he did not advise their use so inventory could be diverted to health care professionals who needed them (instead of to us, the adoring knuckle-draggers that hang upon his every word.)

Right. We get played for chumps, and this guy is off the hook. Every time this octogenarian shyster speaks we're supposed to be gaining new insight into a complex issue, and looking up for a Blue Angels celebratory flyover - but what I'm seeing is the highest-paid federal employee running interference for something or someone.

News Roundup

Since NOMASKERS started up in June, 2020, it's been impossible to assemble all the major mask, lockdown and vaccine-related news from around the world. From the beginning, there have been newsworthy items like Japan outlawing screaming on roller coasters or kissing. And don't forget priests with squirt guns of holy water. It's harder still to pick among the COVID Classics pile the most important items to bring to you. But in the past few weeks, this has to be one of the most stomach churning: Microsoft's introduction of a COVID-tracking app for children. Have your Malox at hand when you listen to this. And bear in mind that the target audience of the message is children:


It's as if every fluffy, sappy Hallmark Christmas movie ever made was taken into careful consideration when crafting this plastic piece of propaganda. I'd bet big money that a dude wasn't behind the production of this one. Is this was the best Microsoft could come up with? Apart from the vomit-inducing skippy-the-kangaroo jingle, it's offensive on (what should be) several obvious factual and moral levels:

  • It assumes kids are all attentive to the ever-changing COVID narrative. The vigilent child implicitly seeks to educate his compliant parents

  • It incorrectly teaches our kids that “our scientists” all agree that wearing masks will help keep people from getting sick

  • It enforces the idea that the child is facing a significant risk of becoming seriously ill by attending classes

  • There is no way to enforce the entry of the “daily health check” questions” the child enters into the app

  • It can encourage a child to opt for a dangerous, unproven vaccine as a means to increase their score (as in a game)

  • The kid fells “so safe” now that he has the app

  • Having the app would build a perception of normality (“Welcome back!”)

  • Then the cherry on top: “Thanks for keeping me safe. I love you so much!”

If you have a parent, and this app comes up for consideration in your school system, you're in trouble. Before you know it, the staff will be handing out NPR tote-bags to your child, and maybe even Leonard Cohen CDs. Nip it now. If you end up thinking about moving, consider the great state of Texas.

The Texas Governor Greg Abbott declared that mask and business closing mandates for the state will cease. Texas will open up 100%! Since the announcement, several other states have followed suit, and will either ease or eliminate their COVID restrictions. This has, of course, caused COVID cult adherents to go positively berserk. Biden told reporters:

"I think it's a big mistake. Look, I hope everybody realizes by now that masks make a big difference. We are on the cusp of being able to fundamentally change the nature of this disease because the way in which we are able to get vaccines," Biden told reporters.

"The last thing we need is the Neanderthal thinking that, in the meantime, everything is fine, take off our mask, forget it."

There you have it. According to a frail, forgetful old politician who likely never put in a fence line or cleaned out a stall: Texans are untutored savages. After all “everybody” knows that “masks make a big difference.”

I'll bet you didn't hear THIS on mainstream news: a few days later (March 5, 2021) the CDC quietly released a report which revealed the wearing of masks in the majority of US counties have never accounted for more than a 2% reduction in “COVID case growth” going back nearly a year.

Here is a memo to the presumptive President of the United States: 2% (max) is not a "big difference."

Remember that one, because you'll need it later, when these same COVID cultists try to lecture to us that mask-wearing was scaled back because of the successful rollout of vaccines. No: masks didn't work BEFORE the vaccines were deployed. And they don't work now.

Another thing: the “heroic” leadership coming from Washington had nothing to do with bringing the numbers down. The real heroes are those that stand up against the irrational mandates and bad science. And this time, the real hero was found in the Lone Star state. [3-16-2021 Update: Gov. Abbott has lost his status as Hero of the Day.  My apologies to listeners who knew about him all along.]

[HeroOfTheDay] Texas Governor Greg Abbott [Clapping]

While we're at it, there is another person we should hold up: the governor of the great state of South Dakota: Kristie Noem. Noem is exactly what leftist, woke activitists hate: an intelligent, moral, vigorous and beautiful woman - who is not old - holding to traditional values and common sense. COVID cultists, in trying to attack her, pointed out that - at one brief point in time - South Dakota had the highest numbers of COVID “cases” of any state. In her reply, Noem calmly asked them why such an accusation was not leveled also against other governors. She then dropped it. By the way, I'm not aware of any followup assessment made by the major media of South Dakota's actual mortality vs other states.

You see, Kristie Noem assumed those hearing her response to the cultist had an IQ above room temperature.

[HeroOfTheDay] South Dakota Kristie Noem [Clapping]

And we've got to express our appreciation and respect to the governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Joe Biden, along with Dr. Fauci and the CDC director contacted DeSantis by phone, threatening a domestic travel ban to/from Florida if DeSantis did not comply with requested lockdowns.

As Biden and his COVID thugs tried to exert a classic shakedown on Mr. DeSantis, the good governor requested that Biden perform a biologically-impossible maneuver upon himself, and hung up on the fuming “leader of the free world.” According to a transcript of the call:

"Address me as Mr. President or President Biden," Biden said. "I will not, and you can go f**k yourself.." (source)

Not Ron DeSantis even gave Biden a shot across the bow: he would authorize the state National Guard to protect the movment of Floridians.

Governor DeSantis is a man that is on to the scam:

There’s no basis in medicine, there’s no basis in economics, there’s no basis in reality to do this except to punish a state that is doing it better than what his experts have recommended.” - Gov. Ron DeSantis

Checkmate. Let governor DeSantis be an example for all of us. When I grow up, I want to be just like him.

[HeroOfTheDay] Florida Governor Ron DeSantis [Clapping]

Also a big thumbs-up to the Utah legistlature, which has lifted its state mask mandate, as well as to the governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, who has removed his mask mandate and capacity limits. Tate Reeves has been reluctant to force mask mandates from the beginning, and he's showing the kind of leadership we all need right now.

A quick update: Texas Governor Greg Abbot on March 6 announced that he is sending National Guard troops to the border to do what the federal governent refuses to do. Here's a message to “Mr. President”: DeSantis can do it too. And, by the way, I'm “Mr. Nolan” to you.


I've been around since Batman was double-clutching a Plymouth. Those of us who have been on this planet very long have figured out that viruses have a natural cycle. Here in North America, we're now getting out of winter. As it gets warmer and more humid, and as folks spend more time outside, the cold, flu and COVID cases will go way down. That's just the way it works. We don't need “America's foremost immunologist” to tell us that. Yet, Fauci, the CDC and the major media are telling us that there are now multiple COVID variants, or mutants, lurking about that we need to mask up for. So, how many variants are we talking about? In late February, in India alone, over 7000 variants were identified, and at least one variant is said to be spreading “rapidly” in California.

The threat of a more infectious or deadly mutation is always lingering. I think that we have to stick to the basics, which is masking, social distancing.” - Rakesh Mishra, Director of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research

“Back to the basics” of course means the “new normal.” These fearmongers never point out that mutated viral pathogens, through time, naturally spread more easily among their hosts, but are less deadly. Who is funding these studies? How effective are the Pfizer, Moderna and the recently approved Johnson & Johnson vaccines against these variants? Are we facing a series of never-ending vaccinations to address them, like the seasonal flu which has (by the way) “inexplicably” disappeared presumably due to mask-wearing, social distancing and vaccines which hadn't yet even been rolled out?

Talking about vaccines, there has been big news here the past few weeks. All over the world, a significant percentage of populations have refused, or have indicated that they will refuse, taking “the jab.” [Jab] The reasons are good ones.

  • All the vaccines can cause “side effects” (effects) which can be dehabillitating or even fatal.

  • They are unprecedented, and are unproven to actually work.

  • They were released without benefit of completed trials through an emergency authorization here made by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

  • And now, on top of that, news came out that all of them involve the use of aborted fetal cells in at least their development and testing. In the case of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, these cells from aborted babies are actually used in the production of the product, and the company is planning on testing the vaccine on infants and pregnant women. You will remember that in 2018 Johnson & Johnson was caught in covering up evidence that they used asbestos, a known carcinogen, in their products. Johnson & Johnson paid out over $4.7B to settle that one, and even faced a criminal investigation. And don't forget the billions of dollars previously payed out for flawed hip implants, Motrin IB caplets, Topamax, Risperdal, defective blood glucose monitors and more.

    Now, Johnson & Johnson is back to inject into you their first vaccine, made from genetic material derived from an elective abortion of a healthy, 18-week-old fetus. I'm asking you: who in their right mind would roll up their sleeves for that? One of my heros, author Joseph P. Farrell (a PhD) pointed out that mRNA vaccines can be viewed as a kind of cannabilism. I agree.

The use of contact tracing and immunization passports as a condition of using public transportation – particularly international air travel – has been a major focus in COVID news. Israel has tightened down to the point where children above 16 cannot visit a movie theater, go to the mall or take their student exams without one. Israel has released the “freedom bracelet” that will “serve as an alternative” to a mandated two-week quarantine upon entrance to the country from abroad. Israel is using the Pfizer vaccine exclusively, and since its use, beginning in December of 2020, the death rate in Israel for over-60s has gone up by 40 times according to Israel's own medical authorities. Even the Pfizer CEO, Albert Bourla, had not taken his second “jab” [Jab] and had delayed his trip to Israel as a result, citing a selfless concern about availability of his toxic brew to the common man.

In the spirit of “If you see something, say something!” Israel has also adopted a law allowing for the release of the names of those who do NOT take the Pfizer vaccine.

Since Israel was the first to start formal vaccinations, of course, all eyes are on the so-called “model of democracy” in the Middle East. Regardless of your take on the Israeli state, what all eyes are seeing is a Nazi-style lockdown and systematic extermination of the Jews. Real smooth move, guys.

Talking about Pfizer, in Argentina and Brazil, Pfizer asked for sovereign assets to be put up as collateral for any future legal costs. Assets include embassies and military bases. All this for a vaccine that is presumably “safe and effective.” If that doesn't scare you, nothing will.

And then there is Joe Biden, the presumed, installed President of the United States who has built a fence around Capitol Hill, signed a record number of executive orders in his first month of office, and has largely hidden himself from the media as his obvious dementia worsens. Biden insists that the COVID vaccines are safe, without a shred of evidence. He started a campaign to silence COVID vaccine critics and works directly with Big Tech to pull it off. It gets worse. Biden has no plans to test the thousands of migrants streaming in from our southern borders, and he's now telling Americans that it is their “patriotic duty” to wear a mask into 2022 and possibly beyond. Biden insists on being called “Mr. President” but thinks Texans communicate only in primitive grunts and clicks. He is the geriatric nobrainer for:

[LoserOfTheDay] Presumed President of the United States, Joe Biden [Boo]

We've got to squeeze in a report from Australia, who have suffered through some of the most insane mask and lockdown rulings on the planet. The major media here in the states ignored the bulk of the outrage expressed in the resultant protests. Last September, a grandmother was manhandled and cuffed by eight cops because she was not wearing a mask in an anti-lockdown protest in Melbourne. About a month ago, an Aussie nurse was kept in “managed isolation” for not taking the PCR test. Her repeated requests for evidence tha the tests actually worked were ignored. About the same time, we received reports and photos of nineteen PCR-positive quarantine “patients” being evacuated out of a Melbourne Holiday Inn with garbage bags over their heads. Catch this: just a couple of days ago Fauci went on record to the UK media praising Austra lockdown policies! Fauci is OK with arresting little old ladies, taking their purses, and securing Hefty bags over quarantined people who may or may not actually be carrying the COVID-19 virus.

Fact-Checker and Karen Call-ins

We have time for one voice mail from the Fact Checkers, Karens and Social Justice warriors lurking about. Here's one:


I think I know who this guy really is. And if I'm right, he's been making my burritos at Qdoba. Ok, “Elliot”, first: I am not a “fundamentalist” Christian and I do not support the Israeli state. And you don't know that the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu truly received a vaccine. The Internet is loaded with pictures of the event: the person administering the supposed jab [jab] is covering the end of the needle with his fingers, and the angle of the needle indicated a miss into the arm. Look, he may be a Netanyahu criminal and politician, but he's not stupid. It stands to reason: ff the CEO of Pfizer himself didn't take the vaccine, neither would his buddy Netanyahu. No: Netanyahu is too busy mandating that all the other “God's Chosen People” are getting dosed.

Here in the United States, everyone expects jab photos [Jab] of prominent politicians. Remember when Nancy Pelosi supposely received hers? Regardless of what “fact checkers” like and USA Today have written, open up the original photo and take a look. You'll see an orange cap on the end of the needle. The persons administering the vaccines for Dr. Fauci and another photo op for Pelosi blocked the camera with their bodies or a hand.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan  (a very British name, right?) was caught with a capped needle for his photo op. There are no real photos proving any of these people got their COVID vaccine.

Look: this happens all the time. Shringes can be filled with sterilized water. Bogus vaccination certificates can be handed out. As the pressure behind vaccine compliance builds, you can bet there will be a cottage industry catering to those who are smart enough not to consent. From prisons to nurse stations in hospitals, it's already been going on for years.

Before we close, a reminder that NOMASKERS cannot exist without your support. It is not monitized. PayPal, check or money order donations of any amount are very much appreciated. And don't forget that you an create your own secure account on NOMASKERS.ORG and leave sane, civil and rational comments on nearly all our content. Right now we are not even keeping up with server charges. Also, all over the world there are scores of efforts that parallel what NOMASKERS is doing. They need your involvment and support as well.

[SkippyLoop – Fade In]

Finally: we've had a lot of fun here, but please remember that sane, civil, rational folks are trying to make a living, raise their families, run their businesses and pay the bills in this COVID crazy. Please be kind and slow to anger. Give them a smile, and be supportive and encouraging when you can!

[SkippyLoop – Fade Out]


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