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Revolt! 0 Comments 03/01/2021

Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf)

At the beginning of this ‘pandemic’, shortly after the first case was reported in January, we were following some of the ‘guidance’ such as washing our hands often and not making ‘non-essential’ journeys. But as more and more was beginning to be reported in the mainstream media, shortly before the Nationwide Lockdown was announced on March 23rd, we became increasingly sceptical.

This triggered our personal interest and our journey of investigation, that we now call ‘truth-seeking’; we have certainly managed to find some enlightening and oftentimes chilling truths. What began by communicating, sharing ideas and discussions with a relatively small group of people, we understood that there was much concern and many unanswered questions… more each day, in fact. We weren’t the only ones to be so outraged and the small group of sceptics and critical thinkers has grown exponentially.

Through extensive research into ‘the science’ (reading RCT’s, listening to experts in the medical and scientific fields speak) and reading as many published government documents as possible (even though they still refuse to release approximately 100 scientific papers that led us into such a draconian and disproportionate lockdown) including conducting many Freedom of Information Requests, we have concluded that we are indeed being lied to on a colossal scale, unprecedented in our lifetime. Not only this, we believe there is a much more concerning agenda at play that has dark roots spreading through organisations such as the United Nations, World Health Organisation, Big Pharma and our own and global governments. We will explore this in more detail through opinion pieces on this site.

As we now know, the government is subject to a ‘judicial review’; initially denied by The Honourable Mr Justice Lewis, but accepted in the Court of Appeal and expected to be held week commencing 28th September after a ruling handed down by Lord Justice Hickinbottom. Simon Dolan identified the need for this review and through crowdfunding (to which we donated) and the platform of Keep Britain Free, funds were raised in order for us to be able to ‘fight the good fight’. We are DELIGHTED, to say the least; we now have an acknowledgement that the legality of the lockdown is questionable and should be ‘considered by the full and open court’. Lord Justice Hickinbottom has said that this legal challenge ‘potentially raises fundamental issues concerning the proper spheres for democratically-accountable Ministers of the Government and judges’. 

What has come as a surprise to us and many, is how willingly the populace seems to have given up their freedoms unquestioningly. Its something that baffles us; when the lies, exaggerations and flawed science seem so obvious to some of us. We have found that spreading factual information through social media, though it has had some impact, doesn’t seem to be ‘waking up’ enough people, partly due to government propaganda and mass-censorship of facts by organisations claiming to be ‘fact checkers’. 

So, we have decided to create a platform to share information that has led us to our conclusion, one in which we can continue to share more, including opinion pieces from who we like to call ‘Friends of CoviLeaks’, a site which will also be a safe place for those who choose to speak out, can. We will continue to research and share facts as we believe the ‘Time for The Truth’ has come.


Join us in our fight for the truth.


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