COVID Is The Grinch’: Gov Cuomo Ridiculed For Playing Christmas Music at COVID Briefing

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 12/01/2020

- December 1, 2020

The Grinch is the world-famous character from the 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas!' book by children's author Dr. Seuss. Over the years the cynical green creature's name has become synonymous with grumpy people who spoil the happiness of others. But in 2020, not only a person can be titled this way.

During a Monday COVID-19 briefing, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced several strategies for in New York state to combat the ongoing pandemic. The presser went viral for another reason, however, as Cuomo sparked a Twitter uproar by playing classic Christmas music and declaring that 'COVID is the Grinch.'

During Cuomo's slideshow, an instrumental version of Sleigh Ride began playing, followed by a Grinch cartoon on the screen.

“This is the season of the COVID Grinch,” the governor said, adding "COVID is the Grinch. Think of it that way. And the COVID Grinch is an opportunist and sees this as the season of viral transmission. When you hear that Christmas music, think COVID Grinch and be alert."

Cuomo briefly sang along to the tune, to accentuate his warning that holiday activities and gatherings in public may worsen the spread of coronavirus.    

This was enough for Twitter to immediately react to the "festive" briefing by the New York governor. Some netizens ridiculed the odd display and choice of music, indicating that it was inappropriate for the seriousness of the subject.

Cuomo really just played the Sleigh Ride song during a PowerPoint about people gathering for holidays and dying huh

— Danielle (@dmhenning) November 30, 2020

New York governor Cuomo is literally putting a spell on people by telling them to think about COVID “and be on alert” every time they hear Christmas music. Demonic.

— Paige Gaede (@PaigeGaede) November 30, 2020

No way Cuomo just played Christmas music while talking about covid

— levon (@sosalist) November 30, 2020

?Cuomo is playing Christmas music I hate it here

— elena ilana alana alina elana (not) (@lenibriscoe) November 30, 2020


— benny / elias ? (@J0NSIMS) November 30, 2020

Some Twitter users appreciated his attempts to keep things interesting. 

My day was meh until Governor Cuomo started singing "Sleigh Ride" in his news conference. I need an encore, definitely. He sounds like:

— Jane LeRoux (@JaneLeRouxxx) November 30, 2020

Best news briefing yet! Christmas music and everything!

— Andrew Cuomo & Family Fan Account (@cuomoallthetime) November 30, 2020

That was laugh out loud hilarious. I do love my @NYGovCuomo. Only he would incorporate Christmas music into such a serious briefing.

— Jamie O'Brien (@jamieob256) November 30, 2020

Others were more critical, claiming that Cuomo is a Dr. Seuss character himself.

“How Cuomo Stole Christmas” is clearly the child-friendly follow up to to his first book, “Look How Good I Am at Killing People.”

— ???? Hunter S. Tomcat ???? (@Hunter_S_Tomcat) November 30, 2020

Cuomo is the real grinch

— ???????? ?? (@Kelenic2021MVP) November 30, 2020

?THIS IS REAL: Cuomo Calls Coronavirus the ‘CoVID Grinch,’ Will Use Christmas for ‘Viral Transmission’


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