CDC Bases Covid Jab Death Toll % on Doses – Not People, as Death Toll Topples all Other “Vaccines” for 3 Decades

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 09/14/2021

- September 14, 2021

For over 18 months Corey’s Digs has been reporting on the CDC’s inconsistencies, manipulated numbers, falsehoods, and blatant lies. Not only did the CDC bury influenza deaths under the guise of Covid, they also lumped pneumonia deaths with Covid, in addition to documenting anyone who died WITH Covid who was in a car accident, had a gunshot wound, kidney failure, or other life-threatening diseases, as a Covid death. Now, they are basing the percentage of jab-related Covid deaths on the number of doses administered rather than the number of people who received the jabs – an incredible mathematical error, surely done with intention.

In this article, it exposes how the CDC is once again manipulating minds by manipulating death toll numbers from the Covid jab. It also shows discrepancies in efficacy, and an alarming chart comparison to other jabs with reported deaths over the past three decades, which should raise a red flag for everyone.

Most people are fully aware that the CDC’s VAERS reporting system has lacked in reporting over the years, so it’s fairly safe to say that the death toll after receiving a Covid jab is under-documented to begin with. Furthermore, the CDC and HHS went above and beyond to document all death certificates into their database to escalate the number of people who died WITH Covid, not FROM Covid. Yet, they don’t seem to be documenting death certificates of those who died after receiving the Covid jab. The only “reporting” seems to be running through their VAERS system.

That said, here is a perfect and yet very simple example of how the CDC manipulates numbers directly on their website, assuming that the average person isn’t going to bother to do the math. The mainstream news, whose so-called journalists also won’t do the math, then take the information and spin it out to meet their narrative, much in the way they recently did with the FDA’s bait-and-switch on the Pfizer Covid jab’s so-called approval.

CDC Intentionally Decreases the Overall Percentage of Reported Deaths After Receiving Covid Jab

The CDC reported that the death toll on the VAERS reporting system indicates 6,968 deaths as of August 18, 2021. Next to the death toll they point out that the 6,968 deaths amount to (0.0019%) “among people who received a Covid-19 vaccine.” This is a totally false statement. They are basing it on the number of jabs administered, when most people have already received BOTH jabs. They indicate that 363 million doses have been administered. The population of the U.S. is only 328.2 million, therefore millions of people have received two doses. They are using the 363 million “doses” to establish the 0.0019%, which is NOT “among people,” but rather “doses,” and ultimately reduces the percentage by nearly half. This is done for perception, because percentages have a greater impact on a person’s mind.

Note that they state “reports of death after Covid-19 vaccination are rare.” Yes, perhaps the “reports” are rare because many are not even being reported, but the alarming death toll itself is even rarer, and they are downplaying it.

On a separate CDC page from the last week of August (it’s updated weekly), one can find the overall breakdown of how many people have received the jab, whether it be one dose or two. This is a critical number that plays into their incorrect math. A total of 203 million PEOPLE have received the jab, which is a considerably lower number than 363 million DOSES.

Let’s break this down based from actual CDC numbers:

1) 363 million doses administered (based on the CDC’s first link that stated deaths at 0.0019%)

2) 203 million people, or 61.1% of the population have received at least one dose

3) 172.2 million people, or 51.9% of the population have been fully vaccinated

4) 328.2 million people is the total population of the U.S.

5) 6,986 deaths after Covid jab as of August 18th – allegedly amounting to 0.0019% of people who received the jab.

Here’s the simple math:

203 million PEOPLE received at least one dose

6,986 PEOPLE died after receiving the jab (The percentage should be based on the number of PEOPLE who died who received a dose of the jab. It’s irrelevant whether they received one or two doses. A person could get 10 jabs and if they don’t die, are they going to say 10 people survived, or just one person survived all 10 jabs? Exactly.)

203 million PEOPLE x 0.0019% only accounts for 3,857 deaths

363 million DOSES x 0.0019% accounts for 6,897 deaths – THIS is how they arrived at their false percentage

If the CDC had done the math based on “people who received the vaccine” as they claimed, and as would be correct, that math would look like this:

The total number of deaths from 203 million PEOPLE who received the jab (6,986) = 0.0034%

The actual percentage of people that died after receiving the Covid jab is 0.0034%, not 0.0019%.

By doing that, they nearly cut their percentage in halfThis may seem like a minimal percentage difference, but in terms of people who have died, that’s a difference of 3,040 people. They are basing deaths on doses rather than people receiving the doses, which makes a considerable difference, and is typical CDC trickery because they know how percentages impact the mind. This is how the CDC and mainstream news have manipulated numbers and minds since Covid hit the U.S. They refer to the CDC as the “experts” but the only thing they are experts at is manipulating numbers.

The task force and health department officials have all stated they are including anyone who dies from a heart attack, stroke, car accident, gunshot wound, kidney failure, or any other cause of death, as a “Covid death” IF they test positive with Covid pre or postmortem. Unfortunately, all most people here is that over half a million Americans have died FROM this virus. Imagine how the above percentages would drastically change, if the real numbers were published.

The CDC Can’t Reconcile Their Efficacy Claim

Perhaps the most telling of all, is the CDC’s claim on how effective the Covid jabs are. Aside from the aforementioned survival rate of 99.98% remaining strong for a year, without any increase after 203 million people have received the jab, this next point only adds to their disinformation.

On August 19, 2021, the CDC alleged that the Pfizer BioNTech jab was 95% effective at preventing the Covid virus in clinical trials, and that the mRNA jabs are 90% effective in the real world. And yet, in July, just one month prior, the CDC published a study showing that 74% of fully vaccinated people against Covid, who were in an infected area of Massachusetts, tested positive for CovidHow do they reconcile that discrepancy? Here’s how: they are willing to take the hit on the false efficacy so they could inflate the fear around the alleged Delta variant to get more people to take the jab, while also blaming a “new variant” on the fact that the jabs don’t really prevent anyone from getting sick, and at the same time, allowed them to resurrect the mask mandates. A clever, not-so-clever little bunch of manipulators. Multiple mainstream news sources covered this, which is even more telling that this was their goal.

In pulling this stunt, they pulled the same trickery with the numbers. They stated that there were 469 people who tested positive for Covid, and that 74% were fully vaccinated. That would mean that 348 people had been fully vaccinated, and 121 were not. Since they had already established that 469 people tested positive for Covid, one would think they would be able to differentiate how many of those were the alleged Delta variant, but instead, they only mention that of “133 patients, 90% of specimens were the Delta variant,” which coincidently equals 120 people. They are trying to implant suggestive reasoning in people’s minds that therefore 90% of all 469 people likely had the alleged Delta variant, when in fact it is far more likely that the alleged Delta variant is non-existent, and the Covid jabs have no efficacy rate to a virus that was never isolated, and has over a 99.98% survival rate based on highly exaggerated case numbers by the CDC. This also establishes plausible deniability for the future, should they want to make the claim that the alleged Delta variant only affected those who hadn’t received the jab yet, in case too many people stopped getting the jab for fear it wouldn’t work on the Delta variant.

The study also found that fully vaccinated people who do get infected, carry just as much of the virus in their nose as unvaccinated people. Pfizer’s fact sheet states “the duration of protection is currently unknown,” as do the other jab fact sheets. More plausible deniability to keep this scheme rolling.

A little over a year ago, many of us predicted that the jabs may cause people to get sick and possibly die, and wouldn’t necessarily prevent them from testing positive for Covid, especially since the tests are also faulty.

This entire plandemic is teetering on a falsehood that is so grand, it’s almost difficult keeping tally of all the lies rolled out to subdue people into getting the jab so the globalists could roll out their true master plan – the digital identity to get everyone on a QR code that will link to the Blockchain, hosting all data on each individual on a global scale to be surveilled and controlled.

Covid Jab Death Toll Topples all Other Vaccines While CDC Claims The Covid Jabs Are “Safe and Effective”

The Covid-19 jab isn’t the only jab that has potentially resulted in death. That said, let’s take a look at the comparison.

What is the first thing one might observe in the chart below? The fact that the Covid jabs have only been administered for 8 months, and nearly 7,000 deaths after receiving the jab have been reported to VAERS, versus many of these other vaccines that have been administered for decades, is a huge red flag, yet the CDC, HHS, NIH, politicians, and failed legacy media all continue to purport it as “safe and effective,” and “death is rare.” What constitutes as being “rare”? Is it “rare” that nearly (and likely far more) 7,000 deaths have resulted after receiving the jab? Is it “rare” that the FDA hasn’t put a halt to these jabs based on this astronomical number? It’s shocking, to say the least.

To put this in perspective, the CDC states that for the 2021-2022 flu season, there will be 188 to 200 million flu vaccines for the U.S. market. This chart below goes back to the early 1990s. Parents are ordered to get their children vaccinated with multiple vaccines for school. Those too are on this list. Therefore, the fact that there has been a large number of Covid jabs administered in such a short time, is still far less than the cumulative of many of these other vaccines listed in this chart, making it even more alarming.

This screenshot only reflects the top 22 rows. It goes on for quite awhile, but is in descending order with the highest deaths reported at the top. It includes all jabs to date and deaths reported after receiving those jabs, though reporting has always been low, so all numbers are likely higher. How can anyone, especially the FDA and CDC, look at these numbers and declare it as justifiable?

And while they continue to push the jabs as “safe and effective,” Pfizer and Merck are already working on antiviral pills that must be taken twice a day in conjunction with the jabs, and Pfizer is so confident theirs will be approved, they are already producing them before the clinical trials are finalized. Apparently “both drugs use technology that blocks the ability of a virus to replicate and spread further throughout the body.” And on another front, Gavi is raving about the “holy grail” of vaccines that will be a single vaccine to defeat all variants of coronavirus, with the hopes of producing it within a year’s time.

Word of Advice

Always do the math, and always follow the money trail. The CDC and the legacy media have been lying on numbers and percentages since this began in early 2020, and much longer in other cases. Corey’s Digs did a 5-part report that lays out many of these discrepancies, as well as how they use fear to manipulate the masses. Their percentages are almost always based off of an incorrect group for the equation at hand, or they stuff and bury numbers making it impossible to extrapolate the true numbers.

This isn’t just with Covid – this is a common trick they’ve been playing for years. They did this with the alleged 2019 measles outbreak as well, which was a precursor to test the waters on mandating vaccines in neighborhoods and colleges. After digging through 26 years of CDC documents, Corey’s Digs was able to establish their false reporting on the measles death rate that the CDC, WHO, and mainstream media had been inflating as a scare tactic. They all repeatedly reported 0.1% – 0.2% measles death rate based on measles cases in the U.S., when in fact it is only 0.07%. This may seem minimal, but that’s a difference of 4 deaths versus 12 deaths in 26 years, while they terrorized people with stock photos of a baby allegedly covered in measles, warning people how deadly it could be for babies. Four deaths in 26 years who died WITH the measles, while the government was paying out on 483 injury and death claims from the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps, and rubella). There have been 255 MMR vaccine-related deaths reported, as seen in the chart above. To recap, that’s only 4 measles-related deaths, with 255 MMR vaccine-related deaths reported, for a vaccine to “prevent death from measles.” Reconcile that.

This is a multi-trillion-dollar industry and the only thing standing between their bank account and the jab, is us. They will exaggerate, manipulate, and flat out lie to terrorize people into believing they are going to die and that their bodies are incapable of healing themselves with proper care or therapeutics they refuse to make easily accessible. How many more people are willing to take these odds for a false sense of peace of mind? In fact, pick up the phone and call Pfizer’s customer service at 800-879-3477 and listen to the 7 minute message about side effects, in which they fail to mention death. They also state that both of their “vaccines” are the SAME formulation but one is only emergency use authorized, while the other is FDA approved, yet they can be used interchangeably. This is all explained in the recent article on Corey’s Digs about the FDA’s bait-and-switch.

Perhaps pointing these incredible mathematical discrepancies out is all for not – or perhaps it’s just what the doctor ordered for some people to spot the trickery and evolve out of the destructive spell they’ve been under. Even if this information only helps one person, it was worth it. They can take that to the bank!

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