Fauci Continues to Mislead Us About China

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 06/08/2021
Whom does Fauci work for?

- June 8, 2021

As chief medical adviser to President Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci is extremely influential. People worldwide look to the U.S. for leadership, and he is the face of the U.S. in fighting the deadly virus originally discovered in Wuhan, China.

As new evidence increasingly points to the possibility that the coronavirus came from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Fauci, who had been singing along with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in an attempt to dismiss such a possibility, has now admitted a lab leak is possible. But even after such a belated admission, he continues to mislead us about China.

In a recent interview, Fauci said, “It’s obviously in China’s interest to find out exactly what it is,” and China “obviously” wants “openness and cooperation.” The world should not be “accusatory” towards China over its hiding evidence, he added.

When I read this, I could not believe my eyes — is he on some kind of drug from the CCP, or is he lying with a clear conscience?

The CCP, which owns the whole of China, covered up the outbreak, and allowed the virus to spread to the entire world, strongly denies it came from Wuhan. It officially announced that the virus originated in the U.S. and is now threatening to retaliate against any country that calls for an open and objective investigation into the virus’ origin. After the U.S. announced a probe into the origin of the virus, Chinese state media declared that the country “must prepare for nuclear war with U.S.”

Despite all this, Fauci still believes the CCP “obviously” wants the world to find out the origin of the virus? And he still praises China for its “openness and cooperation”?

And we are too “accusatory” towards China?

The world has given the CCP time to erase evidence and get away with its wrongdoing precisely because we have not been accusatory enough toward the CCP for releasing the virus on the world (intentionally or not), for its coverups, and for its bullying.

Does the CCP ever behave nicely and follow the rule of law? Does it ever respond in kind to our patience and cowardice? No! Never. In a previous article for The American Spectator, “What You Need to Know About the Chinese Communist Party,” Wei Zhang and I show that the CCP never keeps its promises; doesn’t believe in rules, laws, or reasoning; propagates false information; monopolizes power; and uses any and all means to keep its monopoly, legal or illegal.

The only way for the world to obtain the truth about the origin of the virus from China is by uniting and using all its political and economic leverage to demand that the CCP allow an objective, impartial, and independent investigation.

Yet, in another recent interview, Fauci said he trusted Chinese scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology: “They’re very… trustworthy scientists,” he said. He further assured us that he did not believe they attempted to modify viruses to make them more contagious.

Once again, I am completely dumbfounded by his naïveté or outright lies.

Yet who would dare to rebut Fauci by saying that Chinese scientists are not trustworthy? That would be racist. But this politically correct generalization shows how clever and calculating Dr. Fauci is. He misleads us by invoking our universal respect for scientists across borders: even if the Chinese regime is dictatorial, its scientists are the same as scientists in free and democratic countries, and therefore must be trustworthy, right?


The Chinese Communist Party exerts total control over every aspect of Chinese society. It runs the entire country as a giant corporation. Living and working in China is not a right but a privilege granted by the party, with one condition: all the people in China must obey and support the party. Chinese scientists are no exception. In fact, the CCP owns the life, family, work, and career of all scientists in China. If the party orders them to hide evidence, mislead, and tamper with data, they have no choice but to do so.

Evidence supporting this argument abounds. In the Great Leap Forward of 1958, to support Mao Zedong’s crazy ideas, scientists in China falsified grain yield data by about a hundred times, from hundreds of kilos to tens of thousands of kilos per acre. The fake harvest resulted in one of the greatest man-made famines in human history, during which tens of millions died of starvation. And scientists in China altered data to hide it. Today, scientists in China hide information on the coronavirus and on clinical trials of Chinese coronavirus vaccines.

Most scientists in China are trustworthy, if they can behave honestly without fear. Unfortunately, that “if” makes all the difference. The CCP systematically turns all the people and organizations in China into party tools. Under such a regime, telling the truth is highly risky, as the fate of coronavirus outbreak whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang showed us. He was punished by the CCP and eventually killed by the virus.

So, when Dr. Fauci tells us that China is open and cooperative in helping the world to find the origin of the coronavirus and that we must trust scientists in China with the investigation, I can’t help but wonder for whom he is working: the American people or the Chinese Communist Party.

Dr. Fauci, your misleading claim must be corrected and applied to you: You are not trustworthy.

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