American judges removing children from parental custody for not wearing a mask (video)

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 04/23/2021

- April 22, 2021

Activism from the judicial branch is on the rise in the United States as deranged leftists demand that everyone who refuses to stayed masked and get vaccinated be punished and blocked from seeing their own children.

At least two parents have incurred the wrath of activist judges like Dale Cohen of Broward County, Fla., who took it upon himself to deny Melanie Joseph access to her son unless she agrees to wear a mask at all times and get jabbed for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) when it is her “turn.”

Joseph’s ex-husband, Michael Manley, presented photos of Joseph unmasked as “evidence” to suggest in court that she be denied access to her son, and Cohen agreed with Manley’s “argument.”

“She’s one of these anti-mask people and she’s got the audacity to put that on social media, that she’s an anti-mask people, and to expose the child to a flight to North Carolina and to risk the child’s health over that is not acceptable to me,” Cohen declared.

Instead of defending the Constitution as he swore to do, Cohen made a ruling based on his own ignorant opinion that Joseph’s son is in danger if he is not around people who are wearing Chinese plastic on their faces.

You can listen to Cohen’s full unprofessional ruling below:

As it turns out, Cohen has made several similar rulings against other parents who he feels are not abiding by the “safety” restrictions imposed by the American police state to stop the spread of the Wuhan Flu. Cohen also has a reputation for mistreating domestic violence victims, which suggests he may have a few skeletons in his own closet.

Cohen has a longstanding reputation for misconduct, which makes his mishandling of Joseph’s case unsurprising.

The founding fathers had a cure for all this tyranny

A similar thing happened to Dr. Micheline Epstein, a family physician from New York City who lost custody of her daughter after Epstein was seen mask-less standing on the sidewalk outside her daughter’s school.

Employees had a meltdown and Epstein’s ex-husband also saw an opportunity to steal custody of the former couple’s child by falsely accusing Epstein of negligence for failing to wear Chinese plastic while outdoors.

Justice Matthew Cooper of the New York State Supreme Court of course sided with the ex-husband and took the child away from Epstein, while also forcing her to wear a mask inside her own home in order to reinstate a few occasional supervised visits.

In both cases, refusal to cover their mouths with made-in-China masks resulted in Joseph and Epstein losing custody of their own children at the hands of rogue judges who deserve more than just recusal.

Documentary filmmaker and executive director of the Family Civil Liberties Union Sebastian Doggart is already working on a documentary about Cooper, which has tentatively been titled Unfit to Sit.

Doggart says Cooper is “a menace to society” and “is truly a public menace” for his gross mishandling of the Epstein case. And just like Cohen, Cooper has a lengthy history of complaints about improper behavior on the bench.

“It has been known far earlier than the masking of America that wearing a mask is detrimental to your respiratory system and neurological system,” wrote one commenter at The American Conservative.

“Masks do nothing, absolutely nothing,” wrote another. “Other than cut your oxygen and cause dental problems and bacterial pneumonia.”

“It has recently been found, scientifically and medically, that the covid-19 plandemic was a fake and that all cases were influenza.”

More of the latest news about Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) tyranny can be found at

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