FLASHBACK: Dr. Fauci Said 1918 Epidemic Wasn’t a Virus

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 01/09/2021

- January 8, 2021

It was October of 2008.  Dr. Anthony Fauci and colleagues at the National Institutes of Infectious Diseases in Maryland published a retrospective analysis of the deadly 1918 Spanish flu in the Journal of Infectious Diseases that said it was more likely that bacterial pneumonia rather than a flu virus killed many millions of people around the globe at that time.

The now infamous Dr. Fauci, who “controls the world” with his misdirected about-face pronouncements about lockdownsnot lockdownsquarantinesface masks and social distancing in the current COVID-19 pandemic, said it wasn’t the flu but rather opportunistic staphylococcus infections that accompanied tuberculosis (TB) infections that led to the millions of reported deaths in 1918.

The Spanish flu of 1918 is etched into the public’s mind as the most deadly pandemic in the modern era to strike human populations.  The fear of its return has funded the infectious disease research community for years on end.  But to continue with that funding, especially during the current Trump Presidency with budget cutting underway, virologists have attempted to fear monger their funding.John M. Barry

In 2018 Dr. Fauci started warning about a disease that hadn’t occurred yet.  Fauci called it Disease X.  His infectious disease institute needed $7.5 billion to prevent it.  The funding request was a veiled threat.  At the time the President aimed to cut funding for the World Health Organization, an underling of the United Nations.  Dr. Fauci was inventing a disease before it happened, or in this instance, the mutated COVID-19 coronavirus.

UC Berkeley demographers precede Fauci’s analysis

Fauci’s 2008 report was preceded by investigation done by University of California at Berkeley researchers.

About 80 years after the 1918 pandemic demographers at the University of California at Berkeley reexamined that flu epidemic and found undetected tuberculosis (TB) may have actually caused most of the deaths in that pandemic.  Death rates for TB fell dramatically in 1919 and 1920 and for decades thereafter, indicative of a massive die-off of TB patients in that period.

The UC Berkeley disease investigators noted that TB creates a breeding ground for staphylococcus bacteria that likely killed so many people.

An influenza virus is usually not lethal to young people, most of its victims being elderly.  However, the typical victim of the 1918 Spanish flu was a man between the ages of 20-40.  TB is a major killer of men in that age group.  Close contact with factory working males may also have spawned its spread in men compared to women.

Post-infection analysis of the H1N1 gene sequence of the 1918 flu reveals nothing out of the ordinary.  So, the virus was maybe just a bystander.

The devastating death toll

In 1918 the world population was estimated to be 1.8 billion people.  The Spanish flu killed about 500 million people, or close to one-third of the world’s population.  In 1918 the US population was ~103 million and 675,000 deaths from the Spanish flu were reported in the US, or 6.5% of the population.

Fast forward to the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is no coincidence that the three geographic centers for the COVID-19 outbreak, Wuhan, China; Modena, Italy and New York City, were battling TB outbreaks in recent times.  It would be convenient to re-code TB cases as COVID-19.  The notoriously inaccurate PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test would falsely validate the cause of death.

The public won’t know if TB cases have been re-coded as COVID-19 until the States submit their TB data to the Centers for Disease Control.  Just like the 1918 Spanish flu, post-epidemic analysis may reveal a steep decline in TB deaths, indicative of the re-coding by disease mongers.

Health authorities (CDC) will likely say the lockdowns and other restrictive measures lowered the TB death rate, so they will have an explanation.  But actually the lockdowns were predicted to raise the TB mortality rate because lockdowns interfere with patients who have active TB from receiving 6-months of required triple antibiotic therapy at TB clinics to eradicate the infection.

Now it’s a newly mutated virus

Now alarming news reports abound about a newly mutated version of COVID-19, but it only increases infectiousness, but not severity.  But human populations would develop natural antibodies faster, which is beneficial rather than harmful.  The news media reports say otherwise.  The newly mutated virus is being used to impose even more onerous restrictions on the public.

The big change: lock-down disease

The infectious disease we are hearing about on TV today is not the disease the world started with in late 2019.Wiseman, Ellen Marie

The US didn’t declare a public health emergency till Feb. 3, 2020.  The World Health Organization declared a global pandemic on March 11, 2020.  Lockdowns in different States began March 19-thru April 3.  That is when a giant change occurred.

All of a sudden COVID-19 ceased inducing what is known as a cytokine storm (inflammation and fluid) in the lungs.  Medical journals started reporting no fluid in the lungs of COVID-19 patients.

By May and June researchers began reporting involvement of the nervous system in COVID-19 cases.  By June doctors were publishing reports in medical journals about nervous system issues.   Had COVID-19 morphed into another disease?

The lockdown became the predominant factor in producing this pathology.  Alcohol consumption rose by 500%.  Sleeplessness or insomnia became a problem.  Stress caused many people working from and confined to their homes to eat more sugary foods.  All of these dietary factors along with smoking and medications that block the key vitamin that maintains the human nervous system – thiamine or vitamin B1.

This so-called respiratory coronavirus began to produce symptoms outside of the lungs.   Affected patients noticed the hallmark initial symptom was loss of smell and taste.  Then an array of symptoms involving the nervous system began to be reported: racing heart (tachycardia), indigestion, constipation, memory loss and confusion, headache, pins and needles in extremities, breathlessness, blood clotting problems, uncontrolled eye movements, profound weakness and fatigue.

Perplexed physicians were saying “the pathobiology of these neuro-invasive viruses is still incompletely known.”  This wasn’t the first time a dietary deficiency disease was mistaken for a viral infection.

B1 deficiency, or beriberi, is known as the “great masquerader,” and is even more puzzling to physicians when no alcohol intake is involved.

So far, only a sole letter published in the British Medical Journal, notes that COVID-19 may involve beriberi vitamin B1 deficiency; and a prepublication report at MedRxIV that says many of the nervous system effects of COVID-19 may be quelled by thiamine vitamin B1 treatment.

Modern medicine, organized around sub-specialties, cannot fathom a disease that produces such broad symptoms.  Dr. Derrick Lonsdale calls it “high calorie malnutrition” – the mistaken presumption well-fed populations that consume vitamin-fortified diets cannot possibly be plagued by beriberi B-1 deficiency outside of alcoholics.

Questioning the very existence of the COVID-19 coronavirus and the effectiveness of vaccines

Unofficial investigators began to dig into the CDC/World Health Organization claim of a mutated virus known as COVID-19 is causing millions of deaths worldwide.  Does COVID-19 really exist?  Months after the COVID-19 outbreak began in late 2019 the Centers for Disease Control still have not presented an isolate of the virus.

Independent investigator Jon Rapoport also reports on the “virus that isn’t there.”  He has repeatedly reported this, again and again.  Rapoport also reports the PCR test used to diagnose COVID-19 is also flawed.  Bogus diagnostic tests are being used to create an illusion of a pandemic.  So if the virus isn’t real, what is in the vaccines?

There is no question deaths are occurring.  But are they excess deaths over and above normal death rates?  And are they really being caused by a lockdown induced vitamin deficiency rather than a coronavirus?

Anthony, where are you?

In 2008 Dr. Anthony Fauci said the 1918 Spanish flu deaths were not caused by a virus but rather a bacterium.  Today the COVID-19 pandemic may not be caused by a virus but rather by re-coding mycobacteria TB cases as COVID-19.  Or due to imposed lockdowns, due to a diet-induced vitamin B1 deficiency.Arnold, Catharine

The current illogic is that vaccines may not reduce the number of deaths, but imagine how many would have died without them (?!).  Currently COVID-19 vaccines are only being tested to determine if they quell short-term symptoms.  The public may find, a year or two from now, that COVID-19 vaccines didn’t save a single life, but by then there will be mandates saying you can’t travel to the grocery store without a vaccination certificate.

Fortune Magazine calls Fauci “America’s doctor.”  Where is Dr. Anthony Fauci now?  Well, he is getting vaccinated in his left arm and then pointing to his right arm the next day for news reporters.   Dr. Fauci claims the vaccine he received is implicitly “safe.”  But that cannot be determined at this point because it is a rushed-to-market experimental vaccine.  Like Jesus on a boat calming the storm, Fauci predicts when things will return to normal.  He must know.

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