Kamala Harris Exposes Left's Confusing New COVID Narrative

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 09/14/2021
Says Vaccinated People Need Protection

- September 14, 2021

Let's all get ahead of this one, as the ineveitable vandalizism, property damage, etc. (FRN)

Skeptical Americans who have yet to get the COVID-19 vaccine are constantly being given new reasons to wonder if anyone who wants them to get it actually believes it really works.

It’s hard not to feel that, when the vaccine became available to the general public and people started lining up to get the jab, all of a sudden, the fear factor of COVID-19 lost its edge — and there were a lot of people who have been firmly relying on this psychological tool to continue to exercise their newfound, incredibly intoxicating power over the masses.

Only one of two possibilities could be true here: Either the vaccine works, in which case we can hold tight, breathe easy and wait the rest of this pandemic out, or it doesn’t, in which case it’s incredibly concerning that millions of Americans have gotten it while those who haven’t face increasing coercive pressure from local, state, and federal agencies to suck up their objections and submit to vaccination.

So, which is it?

Vice President Kamala Harris doesn’t seem to know, as she unwittingly revealed in a confusing and self-contradictory tweet this week which was instantly pounced upon by critics.

“By vaccinating the unvaccinated, increasing our testing and masking, and protecting the vaccinated, we can end this pandemic,” Harris tweeted on Sunday. “That’s exactly what we are committed to doing.”

So we have to vaccinate the unvaccinated and then when they’re vaccinated we have to protect them?

Why should the unvaccinated even get vaccinated if they will still need protection once vaccinated? What kind of protection? What does this even mean?

Conservative author, commentator and media mogul Ben Shapiro dug into Harris’ tweet with his signature blunt incredulity.

“‘Protecting the vaccinated’? WTF is wrong with you?” he said. “Are you trying to encourage people not to get vaccinated? The vaccine is EXTREMELY protective against hospitalization and death.”

Shapiro has been decidedly pro-vaccine since long before the pandemic and is fully vaccinated himself. Yet he joins the many Americans who simply won’t accept this incoherent rhetoric from those in power as they constantly tease an end to the pandemic — an end that is only possible with complete, unquestioning compliance from a docile, trusting American public.

The Daily Wire, which Shapiro co-founded with Jeremy Boreing, announced last week that it will fight the Biden administration’s vaccine mandate for companies that employ more than 100 people with every legal tool at their disposal.

In a video last week, Boreing said he is fully vaccinated and praised the vaccine as one of the greatest achievements of the 21st century — but still said he was opposed to mandates.

That’s because, if you genuinely believe that it works, you’d certainly believe the vaccine is doing its part to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus and that vaccinated people simply do not need protection from the unvaccinated.

Shapiro wasn’t the only one to dig into Harris’ inadvertently revelatory comments, which essentially said the quiet part of post-pandemic establishment fear-mongering out loud.

“‘We have to vaccinate the unvaccinated but once they’re vaccinated we have to protect the vaccinated’ is just bureaucratic doublespeak for ‘the vaccines don’t work,’” wrote one skeptical Twitter user.

“Can someone please explain how getting vaccinated helps protect the vaccinated?” asked another user.

“Protecting the vaccinated?? Are you suggesting that the vaccine isn’t the protection that it’s being presented as? If it’s not a protection, then what is it?” posed another.

A few clever users also pointed out that before the development of the vaccine was complete, then-Senator Harris, the Democratic vice-presidential candidate at the time, declared she wouldn’t trust any vaccine produced under the Trump administration.

We’re talking about the same vaccine that was developed and mobilized under former President Donald Trump’s watch — yet Harris is now part of the administration trying to convince everyone to get it.

Of course, by her confusing logic, it’s still not clear if she even thinks it works. In which case, why is she trying to get Americans to get it?

Again, only one of two things can be true: Either the vaccine works, or it doesn’t.

Regardless, any promises on the part of the Biden administration ring rather hollow. If it works, they don’t actually need to mandate it, and if it doesn’t, they can’t reasonably promise their plan will bring an end to the horrors of COVID-19 anytime soon.

Yet Harris’ unwitting indication that the Biden administration hopes we’ll somehow believe the vaccine is both effective and yet somehow also not effective enough to end the pandemic makes one thing abundantly clear: They don’t have any intention of giving us the impression that this pandemic can be over anytime soon.

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   Conclusion Live vaccine virus shedding is a possible source of transmission of vaccine-strain viral infection but how frequently that occurs is unknown.There is no active surveillance of live virus vaccine shedding and most vaccine strain virus infections likely remain unidentified, untested and unreported.The risks associated with exposure to someone vaccinated with one of the live attenuated vac...  READ MORE
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