The Truth About Fauci: Your Conspiracy Theorist Friend Was Right

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Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf) on 06/07/2021

- June 7, 2021

The release of the Fauci emails has given birth to hundreds of great memes, but maybe none so great as the meme that showed Kermit the Frog sitting on a log, playing a banjo and singing with the words “Here’s a little song I wrote called your conspiracy theorist friend was right and you owe them an apology.”

The meme is not only hilarious, it’s true.

For much of the last 15 months, the media and the left treated Anthony Fauci as a demi-God.

A hero of the pandemic and a man who was beyond reproach. Any criticism of Fauci or Fauci’s missives was treated as misinformation or a conspiracy theory. The media vilified anyone who dared question Fauci and Big Tech silenced anyone who disagreed with him.

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While Fauci was privately questioning how effective masks were early on, in public Fauci was one of the most ardent and forceful voices in favor of masks mandates and even defended wearing a mask after getting vaccinated in a now famous back and forth with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY).

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Indeed, Paul has been roundly criticized by the media and the left for his sharp questioning of Dr. Fauci during the pandemic.

One of his Senate Democratic colleagues, Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH), went as far as to refer to Paul as a “lunatic” for daring to refuse to wear a mask – even though Paul had COVID antibodies as a result of being infected before.

Since the revelation in the Fauci emails, I don’t know of a single outlet or Democrat who has apologized to Senator Paul for publicly taking the same position that Fauci took privately.

I don’t doubt that Dr. Fauci started off with the absolute best of intentions in this pandemic. In the beginning all of us – from the medical professionals to the scientists to the politicians and to average individuals – were doing our best to make sense of this pandemic.

Unfortunately, it is clear at this point that somewhere along the line, Dr. Fauci began enjoying the fame as he became the public face of the fight against this pandemic.

At some point, Fauci’s desire to get it right, to stick to the science, took a back seat to his desire to enjoy his moment in the spotlight.

Fauci the scientist quickly morphed into Fauci the pop culture icon – throwing out the first pitch at a Nationals game, gracing the cover of magazines, and becoming a fixture on television.

At a time when the country needed serious people who were committed – above everything else – to making policy decisions firmly rooted in the science, what we got instead was a reality TV facsimile of an expert.

A man who went from privately cautioning colleagues about whether a mask would be helpful at all to a man who went on national tv and said wearing two masks was “just common sense.

It would be nice if Fauci, the media and the left apologized for the way they have treated those who dared to dissent and who had the courage to ask the difficult questions. I won’t hold my breath waiting on this to happen.

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Stanford Mask Study

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