NOMASKERS Podcast: Episode 2 (2/19/2021)

Mask Science 0 Comments 02/20/2021

Do you want compliance? Answer these questions.

Posted By: Fielden Nolan (nolanf)

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Date: 2/19/2021
Episode: 2
Host: Fielden R. Nolan
Guest: (N/A)
Guest Site: (N/A)

Description: If you wear a mask because you have concluded that wearing them protects both and those around you, and if you believe lockdowns are effective in controlling the spread of the virus, these questions are for you.  Simply put: If youcannot answer these questions, don't expect us to comply with your mask and lockdown mandate demands.

Here are the questions:

Why is COVID-19 considered a “Pandemic?”  
What is the science behind lockdowns?
What is the science behind mask mandates?
What is the science behind the test used to determine if I have COVID-19?
Why should we believe what you tell us?

Fielden R. Nolan calls the "experts" on their "settled science" once and for all.

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